From Zero To Shakti by Joy Leng

I am deeply honoured to have my foreword written by Dr Mel Gill, a well-known psychologist and the president of the American Association of Master Trainers.

He has been my role model in my growing up years and was a leading influence in my interest in human psychology and mental health.

His radio talk show ‘Uncommon Sense’ on 93.8FM was my constant companion. His own personal story that translated into a bestseller The Meta Secret is an inspiration.

Thank you Dr Mel. I cannot think of a better person to write my foreword for this book. 🙂





When I read Joy’s ‘From Zero to Shakti’, it put a

broad smile on my face.

This book is a

joyful read.

It brings to the fore many of the laws from The Meta Secret.

Having met Joy personally, I can only imagine her going through all the events she described in her story.


took control

of the limiting stories in her head, that had mentally and emotionally paralyzed her, for most of her young adult life.


with great audacity and verve,

she took a look at her own shame and guilt, she

took full responsibility

for it, and

initiated specific steps

to turn her life radically around.

A most remarkable example of the Law of Correspondence;

as within, so without.

She has demonstrated how

anything is possible,

especially when you choose to replace a problem-focused consciousness with a solution-focused consciousness.

Every step of the way,

her clarity and her determination shines through,

smashing through pain, regrets and hurts.

I am a deep advocate of selfless-giving, as you would have noticed with my life’s work. Here, we have

a woman of grit,

who had decided to rise up, in spite of her past, to heal and empower herself and others, through this book and more.

What moved me was when she confided that this book was not about her sharing her story. She knows her own truth. This book was to

show what’s possible for all women,

who are hurting and hiding from themselves, as she had done for so many years.

‘The soul of this book is to ignite in all women’s hearts,

the desire to take inspired action,

to heal and to empower themselves.’

The savior they were waiting for was always within.

However your life has been until this moment, all you have control of, is just the here and now.

If you can be here, fully conscious, fully aware, fully present with this book, then you can truly begin, what’s possibly,

the first kick-ass day of the rest of your life!

Ultimately it is

up to you to make the right choice.

Thank you Joy for providing clarity through that process!

Dr Mel Gill,

Bestselling Author of The Meta Secret

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